The Customers First! Coalition has been involved with some of the most significant state energy policies over the last two decades, including:

Wisconsin Utility Holding Company Act (WUHCA)

Enacted in 1985, the WUHCA balances the interests of utility investors, customers, and the state by permitting utilities to form holding companies and allowing limited diversification by the holding companies in exchange for reasonable regulatory controls to protect consumers.  The Customers First! Coalition supports the WUHCA and successfully defended a challenge to the law in 2002.

The Enron Anti-Dote: How the Wisconsin Utility Holding Company Act Protects Wisconsin’s Electric Customers (December 2002)

1997 Act 204 – Electric Reliability Act

The Reliability Act sought to increase generation capacity and improve the transmission system in the state.

Reliability 2000 (1999 Wis. Act 9)

Reliability 2000 encouraged the divestiture of utilities’ transmission assets to an independent transmission company (American Transmission Company), created a new statewide energy efficiency and energy assistance program, and established the state renewable portfolio standard.

Leased Generation (2001 Wis. Act 16
The leased generation law allows the Public Service Commission to choose long term leases as the financing mechanism for new power plants while preserving the PSC’s jurisdiction over the operation and maintenance of these leased plants.

Generation Siting Incentives Act (2003 Wis. Act 31)

This Act increased the financial aid available to communities to host new power plants.

Energy Efficiency and Renewables (2005 Wis. Act 141)

Act 141 incorporates the recommendations of the Governor’s Task Force on Energy Efficiency and Renewables, on which several members of the Customers First! Coalition served.  Act 141 provided funding security for the Focus on Energy program and established a 10% renewable portfolio standard.

Wind Systems Siting (2009 Wis. Act 40)

Act 40 directed the Public Service Commission to establish uniform, statewide permitting standards for the siting of wind energy systems (100 MW and less).